Saturday, February 12, 2011

Bloglist Hilang?


I was about to create a new post bout Terminal Bersepadu Selatan, but after log in, I saw something at my's really make me feel like what...i mean WTF! I've lost all my bloglist...see print screen shoot for wht i mean

See at the Reading List section....Stated YOU ARE NOT CURRENTLY FOLLOWING ANY BLOGS...what?...I say WHAT!....@#$%^%^&**(

I try to refresh the page for many times but the result is still the same...and I was like..not again...I've experienced it few years ago when I've try to do some changes on the html by myself..the result, I've to add again all the blogs that I've followed....tension kan..

But I'm still not satisfied with this, will try to restart my PC and hoping everything will be ok....

Salam sayang,


DanieL AdiE said...

Lor.,,mcmane leh hilang?
pelik nie..

Adie Waridi said...

@daniel adie:
yup pelik..tapi nasib baik dah ada...huhuhuh..sukalah nak wat Adie w sakit jantung