Thursday, April 15, 2010



She had him at get lost
Roses are red, violet are blue...oh srew it.

Those are the taglines in this romantic comedy movie by Nia Vardalos...I HATE VALENTINE'S DAY...I know, I is April..what the hell in the world this movie which related to Valentine come out in April instead of February...but again, who care...hahahha...well last nite i went to movie preview at E-curve with a friend. The reason why, is wanna go for the preview is because Nia starred in MY BIG FAT GREEK WEEDING and i just love the movie and hoping that this movie will almost like the same...

Nia Vardalos’ directorial debut, “I Hate Valentine’s Day” tells the story of Genevieve (Nia Vardalos), the owner
of a charming flower shop, who loves romance and Valentine’s Day but fears commitment and long-term relationships. Genevieve’s fear of relationships has caused her to live by a strict five-date-only approach to romance. When Genevieve meets the handsome and goodhearted Greg (John Corbett), a new restaurateur in the neighborhood, she must confront her relationship fears and past heartaches, as she finds herself falling for Greg and wanting a more committed relationship that goes beyond five dates.

Although most of the reviews are so bad..hehehe..but i still like the story line and the positive of the movie which i think there something about love that we can learn from it. In fact in this movie i do like that finally Genevieve learn to face her fear on commitment, as she falls for Greg. She discover that her parent's failed marriage, due to her father's infidelity, is at the heart of her commitment-phobia.

Throughout the film, we see Genevieve and Greg extend themselves to one another with thoughtful and caring gestures of true love. For example, Genevieve sincerely wants to support and help Greg with his new restaurant, by offering to provide him with floral arrangements to make the restaurant more inviting, and Greg gives her small, yet thoughtful, gifts that show he truly cares about her. That is what we should do people out there! Take note to all loving couple outside there...

During almost like 2 hours duration, I found that people enjoy watching it...although the movie is not that up to standard (I guess) but this simple romantic comedy somehow really can attract people mostly people who really in love want to know about relationship or in another word commitment, I sure they will gonna love the with the 5 dates rules that so abnormal for almost people....wish i can remember those 5 dates rules...which i found so unusual...but if u can go with that and finally not falling in love with the person you goin out for date, it is good for you think?

This predictable romantic comedy lacked the charm that was present in Nia Vardalos and John Corbett’s first film together, “My Big Fat Greek Wedding,” but it was still funny and entertaining, at times. While it is commendable that “I Hate Valentine’s Day” ended with its protagonist, Genevieve, reconciling her negative ideas about committed relationships, I can only cautiously recommend this film to mature adult audiences, due to the moderate amount of sexual content throughout this romantic comedy.

Till then enjoy the movie which will be on cinema near you TODAY!

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Qarl said...

nak tgk!
nak tgk!
blanje hehe

Adie Waridi said...

hehhe..akalu suka tgk citer yg simple..g la..but abg tak reti sgt komen on technical side...