Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Jalan-jalan cari makan


Entry kali ni mcm saja jer nak bercerita bab makanan..well nothing much happened lately in my life...beside of feeling tensed with the on going "situation" between friend and for Adie, when it comes how to splurge ur cash it will be clothing,makan, makan dan makan..hehehhe.. I love to eat..really..i do eat a lot even though i am skinny...underweight k...maklumlah badan supermodal...hahahaha

Back to the topic, well i don't really choosy about where to eat as long as the food is great and marvelous..price come second (only if masa tu berduit la..huhuhu)..for the last two days i've been eating and trying a new food..mostly the place that i've never tried before or seldom come to dine..i think i just summarize it

1. Arabic Food Cafe
Venue : Anjung 7, Section 7, Shah Alam

This restaurant located at the Anjung 7, another food court in Shah Alam...and it is located behind the it's easy to find the place...i think this is the 3rd time, i'm eating here...the restaurant just served Arabic food and only have Arabic Green Tea for drink and it's only come in hot!...So kalau nak minum fresh orange k, lemon ice ka need to order from other big deal...I'm a big fan of lamb..i love the Lamb Kabsah the menu is not that much..maybe less than 20 this time around, i'm tryin Royal i'm goin to describe the food...there are rice, chicken, arab bun and salad..served together with soup and 2 different sauce that superb....the verdict is....yummy...recommended! and its cost me about Rm12.00 not included the drink...i think it's worth for the money and the taste k....

2. Popeye's Louisiana Kitchen
Venue : e@curve (formerly known as Cineleisure Damansara)

I guess i'm kinda late to try this new fast food coz it's been in Malaysia since early last year with their 1st outlet at they have a few outlet and one of them located at e@curve...i've been passing this fast food several times every time i came to e@curve...but last nite, no more passing me and my friend tried the food..we decided to order 1 Louisiana Traveler Tender meal for me and as for my friend Chicken meal whatever..i forgotten the name of the meal...the meal come together with 1 regular soft drink, mashed potatoes, coleslaw and biscuit..

Now the verdict...the chicken tender, i liked best because they were soft and i mentioned earlier,it also came with the biscuit and the two side dishes. I don’t like the biscuit though. There’s this kind of weird after-taste that’s slightly bitter and oily. I don’t quite know how to explain it, all I can say is I can do without the biscuit. The coleslaw was fresh and tangy with a slight kick of onions thrown into the mix. The mashed potato was average but the sauce it came with tasted of chicken and herbs with minced meat nicely adding a good dose of flavour to the dish. The price is a lil bit pricey than KFC..

FYI, Popeye’s offers three different types of mains: sandwiches, rice and a chicken or seafood set. Each main comes with a choice of chicken, fish or shrimp. In my personal opinion, the pricing and the food was just ‘okay’, not exactly value for money but okay to try and to eat once in a while. The upside to Popeye’s is that they offer a few menu items that other fast food chains don’t, such as their fried seafood basket and burgers. And no, just because they are named Popeye doesn’t mean there’s any spinach on the menu, so sorry to disappoint.

3. IKEA restaurant
Venue : IKEA Damansara

I always came here to do some shopping but I can count with my finger how many times i've eaten yesterday we decided to have our lunch here...since we are not exactly came during lunch hour, so the place were not that packed...we ordered West Coast Salad, 10 Meatball with fries, Delicato Ball, Daim cake, Mineral water and orange juice....

To be honest, I really like my salad..i'm not a fan of veggie but this menu really turn me on...with all the shrimps, fresh salad, green peas, tomatoes, and thousand island sauce....I just love it...the meatball also make me speechless...the dish is so simple but yet so damn nice with that juicy gravy...OMG...come to the dessert, Daim cake is a must...taste so eating a slice of chocolate...overall worth for the money..thumbs up

Salam sayang,

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