Sunday, February 14, 2010

Red & Bold - Valentine's Dinner Party


Last Friday I went to Dylan Valentine's Dinner party which been held at Palate Palette Restaurant & Bar KL. The party were awesome, the foods so delicious and the people are so nice ( I je yg tak mingle sgt coz i'm still new in the group..shy la..hahaha). Arrived there bout 8pm and the party end up at 12 something...The party also due to his 31st birthday which falls on 11 Feb..For me it's kinda new environment coz i seldom go to party so being invited by him, it is such a honoured for me since i just knew him about 2 weeks ago. After the party, we went to club just a few steps from the restaurant...really had a blast nite at the club..For me there is a sweetest memories during at the club...hehehhee...later we end up havin some late supper at The Castle in Jalan Damai, Ampang...kinda tiring nite for me but I really had so much fun. The greatest nite ever in my life being around with Dylan and my new friends

Birthday cake..cute kan..Dylan's sis made nice..

Dylan and his lovely sister

Family affair..

The foods

Me, Kak Bai and Amier..Nice talking to u guys

Amier & Me

Firdaus, Me & Amier

Oh yeah the theme for that nite was RED & BOLD..all of them wearing Red and dark color scheme clothes, but me RED & WHITE...feeling2 angel...hahha..btw his mother did praised bout my tie..she kinda like it..huhuhuu...THANKS Auntie...u such a lovely person....Anyway, nice meeting u guys..hope to see you again...

Salam sayang,
Adie Waridi

1. Credit to Kash for the pics
2. Hideaki & Dylan nanti kita plan g Bali erk.huhuhu

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