Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Chinese New Year & Happy Kasih Sayang Day


Today is 14th February 2010...usually people will associate this day with Valentine's Day every year...but this year two celebration has been celebrate on the same day... Valetine's Day (which after this i would refer to Kasih Sayang Day) and Chinese New Year...

Kasih Sayang Day, usually I don't celebrate it (i think u know what i means)...but think positively why don't we celebrate it in a good way...turn the day where we show our love to ours loves one such as our family and our friends...that what my friend Dylan did last Friday where he held a party by inviting people around him that closes to him...just to show some love to each others..we ate, mingle around and get to know each other closer....kinda cool it so much...TQ Dylan ..anyway just wanna wish all of you out there, Happy Kasih Sayang Day..muahhhh and also Happy Chinese New Year to all my Chinese friends, my mix Chinese friends..hehhee...GONG XI FA CAI.....enjoy ur holiday with ur loves one k....

Salam sayang,
Adie Waridi

p/s : mood tgh bekerja..uwaaaaaaa

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