Tuesday, August 18, 2009




Mesti ada ygtertanya kenapa 15MALAYSIA ..bukan ker 1MALAYSIA yg di sibuk diperkatakan malah diperjuangankan...well this 15MALAYSIA have nothing to do with 1MALAYSIA concept but it's about a group of Malaysian filmmakers has produced 15 short internet movies on racism,corruption and religion which is hard to pass the concership...well i guess ada kena mengenai gakngan 1MALAYSIA...huhu...

Here are the lists

1. Potong Saga by Ho Yuhang (release on 17 August 2009)

2. Chocolate by Yasmin Ahmad (release on 19 August 2009)

3. The Tree by Amir Muhammad (release on 21 August 2009)

4. House by Linus Chung (release on 24 August 2009)

5. Halal by Liew Seng Tat (release on 26 August 2009)

6. The Son by Desmond Ng (release on 28 August 2009)

7. Lumpur by Kamal Sabran (release on 31 August 2009)

8. One Future by Tan Chui Mui (release on 2 Sept 2009)

9. Slovak Sling by Wong Min Jin (release on 4 Sept 2009)

10. Gerhana by James Lee (release on 7 Sept 2009)

11. Meter by Benji & Bahir (release on 9 Sept 2009)

12. Duit Kecil by Johan John (release on 11 Sept 2009)

13. Healthy Paranoia by Khairil Bahar (release on 14 Sept 2009)

14. Lollipop by Nam Ron (release on 15 Sept 2009)

15. Rojak! by Suleiman Brothers (release on 16 Sept 2009)

So for more update please log on to 15MALAYSIA

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RyZ4L said...

owh..ye ke?
ish. propaganda sangat.
nak tapis mende yang bersifat perkauman walaupon hakikat nye..itu sume realiti. ish. cliche Malaysia. huhu. nak usha itu movies! :D thanks 4 d info..