Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Overcoming the Colour Blindness


Last Sunday (3.5.09), I went to Art City Gallery located at Ampwalk Jalan Ampang KL...there is a launching of an art exhibition. The exhibition called Overcoming the Color Blindness by Dato' Tan Chee Khuan..It's been officiated by Dr. Jolly Koh..

This is the 1st solo exhibition by Dato' and one more thing that u guys should know is, he is color blind...Thru other eyes, he draw and paint. The exhibition is from 4.5-24.5.09 and admission is free. So art lover, get ur butt down there before the exhibition ends.

Opening speech by the gallery owner, Mr Vincent

The artist make his speech

Dr Jolly Koh

Officially officiated

The paintings

Am, Dato' Chan & Me


Me strikes a pose...haih

Salam sayang,
I am.."W"

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D'Rimba said...

Kalau pergi pameran lukisanke senike ajakla nak juga ikutnya...Heheheh....