Tuesday, May 12, 2009

06.05.09 Early morning - Pre-celebration Wan@Wenkt Birthday


After attending the Estee Lauder Model Search PR at MidValley, we went back to Shah Alam...and went out again to meet my friends at Duta Vista...otw to Duta Vista, me fetched Ain at UM...Ain is a friend of mine back in the UiTM Arau..

The idea goin to Duta Vista is to do some preparation for Wan@Wenkt birthday party that will take place the next day. Well, when we arrived there, Wan, Tok Wan, Ello, Is and Pyan already there...nothing much to do for the next day party except for blowing up all the balloons..almost 200 balloons has to be blown away...that will be no problem for Ello to do the 'blow job' thingy..hahahaha...

As usual, kalau dah nama sambut birthday sure la ada habuannya..ya idak...so without Wan knowledge, we were planning some nasty thing to celebrate his pre-birthday party..hahahaha...and the result, Wan dimandikan dgn rendaman air sabun bersama Mi Sedaap yg memmng sedap tu.hhehehehe...poor Wan..sampai sempot la jap...

Btw, it was so fun...after Wan cleaned his body and changed new clothes, it's time for family potrait..haih...so apalagi cam whoring la..hahahaha...i really enjoy the moments so much..To Wan, HAPPY BIRTHDAY....

About 2am in the morning, Me, Am, Ain and Pyan make a move. Before heading str8 to Shah Alam, we went to Pelita at Bangsar...after minum2 and chit chating, pergi UM tuk hntar Ain...then hantar Pyan kat U2 Shah Alam...samapi umah zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Salam sayang,

I am ...'W"

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