Sunday, April 5, 2009



I just finish my solat and i feel so guilty for myself coz it's like been a long time i don't performs solat..i don't feel embarrassed to admit it..that's the only way for me to calm myself..

Actually i had a fight with my bff's all started when we were on our way back to shah alam from kl..there were 3 of us in the one moment, wan asked me about the Anggun showcase and he's teasing me for not taking him along that day. and out of sudden, my bff started making some sarcastic remarks towards me...actually this is not the first time he making a fuss on the's been like since the day i watched Anggun showcase till now it's really made me pissed off...

that time we were like half way reaching shah alam and i started to raise my voice to him and telling him everything that been inside my unsatisfactory...out of is not my type to bring back matters..what past is past..but his statement really made me so angry...i don't like raising my voice to others people but this time,he really over the limits..

i don't know whether all the words I've said are wrong or not but i really don't care...he really pissed me off...he is...

p/s: wan sorry u have to watch all this...


din said...

tabahkan hati wahai abg yg ku syg ... walau apa pun adik tetap sayang abg selalu .. sabar yek .. mungkin ada hikmah disebalik kejadian ni. adik harap semuamya akan berjalan seperyi biasa.

sayang abg selalu,

wénkt said...

i'm sorry abg adie..

wan really tak sangka jadi cam tu smlm..
but i tau u dah buat benda yg betul...

terkilan k..
sentap je kat belakang..
i will appriciate u more dear..