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Jangan tegur : Review


So here we go

Title : Jangan Tegur
JANGAN TEGUR, is another horror movie genre produced by Metrowealth Movies Sdn. Bhd. Metrowealth decided to make another horror movie based on audience’s demands. JANGAN TEGUR is listed as the 27th movie produced by Metrowealth.

The Cast :
Julia Ziegler, Pierre Andre, Nadia Mustafar, Almy Nadia, Ellie Suriati, Azri Iskandar, Rozita Che Wan

After being involved in an accident, Natasya (Julia Ziegler) had a dream about a girl named Baizura. Natasya is determined to discover the truth about her. Since waking up from a coma, Natasya is haunted by creepy images of evil spirits that only she can see. This causes a lot of trouble for her husband, Kamal (Pierre Andre) because he doesn't believe in superstitions.

I says:
Some review may says this movie is better than Jangan Pandang Belakang but for me it just bolehla..I do like the plot of the story but again it is not a new or fresh idea coz i've seen it before in Thai/japan/Korea movie. But there are things that can we be proud of such as the narration and screenplay for the movie is good with a good support from lighting and cameraworks.

Now let's talk about the casts. Julia Ziegler has delivered her best effort playing Natasya, considering this is only her debut film. But still tak memuaskan for me. But i do see her effort at the end of the film where she's been possesed by the evil. On the other hand, Pierre Andre's role opposite her as Kamal is ordinary.way to ordinary..Bosan doe asyik tgk dia berlakon camtu ngan nada yg stereotype tu. This is forgivable since the highlight of the story rests on Julia Ziegler. Nadia Mustafar and Ellie Suriaty on the supporting roles exhibit some semi-convincing acting - it's not entirely credible but it's something to look for. Meanwhile, the rest of the cast (Almy Nadia, Kaza, Rozita Che Wan and Azri Iskandar display only a forgettable acting). Rozita Che Wan stands out as a rather terrible actress - she's stiff and too flamboyant as a doctor.

So we move on to the sound effects-let me put it in this way -OVERDONE and my advice please bin the same old trick which has been used in "JPB" and "Congkak". The make up and the costume also doesn't blend. Make up yg paling aku tak leh blah is make up Almy Nadia..ayooo in the middle of the night ngan berpakian baju tido pun perlu ker make up yg tebal n ada lips gloss...Ellooooo...

Overall, i still think that "JT" can still repeat the success of "JPB" and "Congkak". This is due to my observation during watching the movie, the hall are packed with people that so eagerly want to scream out load and laugh at the same time...WTF...dah jerit sbb terkejut sudah la..watper nak gelak berdekeh lak pastu....

My star rating:
Cinematography :

p/s: I'm a horror movie best tak best aku tetap my review is just my opinion k

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my name is KARL said...

slagi ade pierre andre dlm film2 kat msia ni... tawar hati sket nk tgk..

nseb bek masa CINTA dulu tak benci sgt dgn die

p.a.k.w.e. said...

wah adie mendiam sekarang
okay tak nie