Monday, April 13, 2009

Im ready!


I think I'm in love with my radio
Cause it never lets me down
And I falls in live with my stereo
Whenever I hear that sound
Whenever I hear that sound
Whenever I hear that sound

That is my wake up call sounded like. Radio by Beyonce. After 5 times, i finally jumped out from my bed with a boner in my underwear and trying to get ready for today. The first thing come across my mind is to delete all the pictures taken inside the camera...coz I really need more space for my journey to Hulu Langat this morning...chewah...yeah I'm leaving for Hulu Langat for 2 days 1 night together with my biz partner, Am.. We will be joining our mak angkat and ayah angkat and 40 other people.

So now is 8.30am, and I am blogging for you guys out there...hehehhee..I don't know what to bring..I know it's just for 2 days but usually I'll be bringing one bag full of clothes and other stuffs.. I really don't know how to minimize my stuff every time i go for traveling...Damn..but this time I try to bring only stuffs that I really need...Let me see, 7 tops, 4 shorts, 1 pyjama pant, 1 track bottom, 4 underwears, towel, toothbrush, toothpaste, hair iron, hair wax, hair gel, facial wash, moisturizer, wallet + money, phone and what more...erm i think i should make a list...

Actually, this is last minute decision. Since my mak angkat keep asking bout it, so i think why not..just for fun n after i had a line dancing lesson yesterday, I texted my mak angkat and told her that we will be joining them.

I guess. i"m signin off...I better keep myself ready and take my breakfast before we go..I'll be updating my blog after I return back home k...coz i dont have lappy....ada sesiapa nak hadiahkan tuk saya tak sempena my upcoming besday bulan nie..hahahahah..wat request lagi....c ya...muahhhhhhh

Pic baru bangun..huhu..buruknya..sorry pic my boner takleh upload k..nanti blog ni jadi 18SX lak..hwa3

Salam sayang,
I am .."W"


wénkt said...

boner? cam blog aliph lak time kawan dia call ajak breakfast tu.


tak ajak di mak angkat bapak angkat

one love said...

statement terakhir yang tak tahan tu... 18sx! hehehe i like!

hahahahha kidding! do have fun adie :)

kuchairies said...

Tak senonoh!!! harus ke mention with a boner!! Dush!!!

Adie Waridi said...

huhuhu...kitaorng memeng plan guna ayat sama..hehehe..nak ikut eh..meh selalu join line dancing...

one love:
suka erk..huhuhu...tak sangka u baca blog adie...g tgk bohsia tak ajak pun..hehehe

ala bukan selalu..kakakaka..tumbukkan itu berjaya ku elak