Sunday, April 12, 2009

I'm lovin it


I just got back from USJ with my housemate. we went there about 2pm. Otw to the Summit USj, the rain started to pour. The objective of bringin our ass here is to play bowl..yeah bowling...i've been planning this since yesterday. Well finally i've got to play bowling after more than 5 years..lama giler...kalau tak wat seks lama tu mahu sangap giler babi..hwa3

So played at Ampang Superbowl. Since today is Sunday so there are so many people tryin to show off their skill on bowling..heheheheh...Sbb ramai sgt so i have to write down my name on the waiting list. Thanks God there are two names before no long waiting laa...not really, we have to wait mre than 40 minutes before we got our lane..12=twelve, is our lane to bowl....Sham did the key in thing so he is the 1st bowler, 2nd Am and last but not least me, 3rd bowler...since more people are coming, we played by switching with the next lane..and there are father and his doing this the time can be shorten...tak best arr habis cepat....

Lama giler tak pepahamlah...btw i'm playing for fun so i dont really care if my ball (not my that balls k..) masuk longkang..we played 2 games. One game cost bout rm6.50 but there are some promotion where 3 games=Rm10 before 3pm for weekdays and RM5 for a game on Sunday from 8pm i planned to play on weekdays nanti..huhuhuhu..

1st Bowler : Sham

3rd Bowler : Me

2nd Bowler : Am

Sweet tak kasut dia..colorful. Maafkan bulu kakiku

The lane

Am & Sham

Me & Am

My back..uweekkk

Kecewa tak strike

My score..huhuhu...teruknya

Setelah puas main (mcm lucah lak bunyinya..hehehe), kami pun merayau la dlm Summit ni...then we ate curry mee at this place called...erm lupalak..dlm Summit gaklah...Wah the curry mee so delicious and the coffee taste just nice....suit with my taste buds...sesuai katanya....tak sangka tempat camtu sedap rupanya makanannya...Me and Am had a curry mee with coffee while Sham had a Asam Laksa with coffee too...

Curry Me & Coffee

Dah konyang tu kami pun jejalan lah lagi...actually there are so much things to offer here from the clothes, shoes, accessories, games etc eventhough it is not a branded product. I dont give a damned bout for me as long the product look good n pratical for me and they worth to buy, i dont even bother if they are not a branded product..that just me...and one thing, i only shopping when there are sale..huhuhuuh...wise huh..Sham bought a David Beckham doll and some pc and am, we bought a plant seed with 2 packs of balck soil...yeah we do gardening at our house..

Since the soil bags so berat so we decided to go back. While me and Sham Q-ed to pay the parking fee, i asked Am to buy us some food at Hot&Roll....sebenarnya aku tertarik melihat org makan benda tu...tu yg beli tu...they made from flour mixture yg org selalu wat apam balik we ordered pizza, chicken and cheese and chicken floss. This is our 1st time trying the Hot&Roll food...the result..aku suka giler...dah la crispy, mayonis bagai..erm sedapnya....since i'd already paid the ticket so we just took away and ate inside the car..

Otw back, Am asked ' nak g mana lagi" and i replied " balik umah jela..nak tgk ABPBH"...huhuhu..mcmlah tgk sgt aku ni...balik2 terus memblog adalah..hahahaha..Btw i'm so happy to spend time like this with my friend cum my housemate...hope i have another frined to join me next time..aku suka ramai2 nie..meriah katanya.....ingat murah rezeki lagi nak g Genting lak...insyaallah

Salam sayang,
I am "W"

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