Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I'd fun at Agrotek Resort Hulu Langat


I miss so much my house...muahhh...yeah..I just got back from Hulu Langat where my friend and I spent 2 day 1 night at Agrotek Resort...just to relax and have fun there...not just two of us but 36 people were in thr group.

The 1st day, we met up at the Masjid Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah, Shah Alam parking lot about 10am. So before we went off to Hulu Langat, there were briefing given by the organizer. The 1st activity were treasure hunt through out the journey. There were about 10 cars and both of us drove our own car...This is our 1st time doing treasure hunt, so we totally dont have any idea on what the questions will look like...but it doesn't matter..everything for the sake of fun..yeah rite..i want to win..hehehhe..coz there are prizes...malu oo kalau kalah ngan org2 senior nie..huhuhuhu

Anyway, we started our journey at 1040am. About 3.6km later we were lost..get confused with the direction given..hahahahha...camno nak menang...so everything have to be rescheduled...the kilometres, the time...waht ever lah..so we decided just hentam cromo but we were so lucky because we're finally understood the direction given...malu giler...we were on track back..try to catched up with the rest...the questions so tricky, sehinggakan adalah argument with my friend..huhuhu...but tak lah gaduh teruk ke..even during the argument pun we still managed to laugh...huhuuhuhu..wat treasure hunt ni memng leh mendatangkan marah uols...10 questions have to be answered...we arrived at the Agrotek about 12 something and passed the answers...even there are few answer yg kami hentam jer..hahahha..ada hati nak menang katanya....

This is my 1st time go to Agrotek..the place so beautiful, well managed....yg penting ada sungai..yeah leh terjun sungai....after we got our room key and put all our bags, we were ready for our lunch...yeah dapat makan coz I'm so lapar nak mampus....but i don'nt really enjoyed my lunch..not because the foods no so sedap but my migraine hit me back...spoil sgt...half way eat i terus get the key from my friend i went to the back...took the pain killer and laid on the bed....nasib baik aktivit hanya bermula selpas maghrib....while resting, my mummy called me asking me to join for the dance practise session...unfortunately I can't..so i just rested on the bed...about two hours later, I got out from the bed with 90% recovered. After changed my cloth, I went to have my tea time with the rest of them...i'm so touched coz there were so concerned about my illness..keep asking me whether I'm okay or not....TQ..love uols...after finished taking my tea, apalagi mandi sungai la...huhuhuhu...sakit2 tu tetap nak mandi...the water so cold..baguslah tuk badan aku yg panas sgt nie....

On the night, there were dance performance, karaoke session, prize giving ceremony and happy hour la..huhuhu..oh yeah, they also got a theme for the night which is Bollywood..so most of them turn out that nite wearing saree, kurta and anything that can be classified as Bollywood...Me and Am, doesn't bring any Bolly clothes so we present the modern Bolly by wearing a t-shirt n short pant..hahahahaha....alasan...thru out the nite, i can see all of them really had fun...the best part is, thru this activities, i can see how intimate they are with theirs couple...and the success of the nite is because, everyone giving full participation....memang aku respect giler kat makcik2 and uncle2 nie..even most of them are 50s above but they have young heart inside them....diorang tak malu2 pun tuk show their love to the partner ...FYI, most of them are retired and came from i can say an elite person..but the best things about them is they not so kekwat like other elite persons even some of them are Dato' and Datin carried title...so the nite ends at 1.30am...

The next morning I woke up early and get prepared to enjoy the morning scene...It was so refreshing...i did some morning walk and jogged while singing out load....ala takde sapa dgr..kat hutan..hehehehe...after some senamrobik and Poco-poco, we had ours breakfast so that we can get ready for our games after that. The 1st game were GOSIP where the 1st person is given a note for him to memorise and spread them to other members..I was a last person, so i have to memorise what the person before me, told me and write down on a piece of paper....yeah it was fun coz the end product will be so not make sense..hehehe..and hillarious too...there were so many games that we played such as Kaki Terompah, Bawa Bola, Boling Kelapa, Baling Dadu and Mumia...we were devided into 4 groups named Muda, Katak, 3 in 1 and lastly Manggis (my group)...The result is 3 in 1 won most of them games and my group didn't win any of the games..huhuhuuhu..malang sungguh..kakakak...The 2nd day ended up with the prize giving ceremony...We had to check out before 12noon because there were a group of people from Maybank want to check-in...I had a last swim at the river before we checked out...But my day at the resort didn't end up just like that..Me and Am do some fishing thing at the river and we managed to catch bout 10 small fishes yang akan dijadikan ikan gorng kat umah nanti..huhuhuhu...

So itulah citernya sepanjang 2 hari berada di sana..and i'm so glad coz I joined the group..Now I've new friends and building my network for my business while I'm having fun with them...Ura2, diorang nak organize a trip to kilang coklat..ermmm sedapnya...so ta-ta..I left some pics for u to enjoy..hehehehe

Day 1


Org sibuk dgr , aku tetap pose..ahakz

The group members

Group photo before left

Rombongan Cik Kiah

My adopted parent

They also celebrated the members birthday

Karaoke time

Dance performance by the ladies

Me yg out of theme..huhuhuhu

Winner of treasure hunt-my parent...me n am got 4th place..huhuhuhu

Best Dressed Male Category

Karaoke Winner

Best Dressed Female Category

Day 2

Lapo pas Poco-poco..ahakz

Strike a pose dude



Acara bawa bola

Acara boling kelapa

Pose lagi katanya

Me try to bowled..malangnya tak jatuh satu pun..

Cara2 nak wat sanggul k..hehehee

Oopppss...maafkan tangan ku

Inilah aku Mumia Manggis Hitam Manis

The prizes

Sebelum balik, apalagi pose la...

Gelap dah muka aku

Aku wat ritual dance sebelum balik..ahahahaha

Ueah ..it's me dude

Me & Am before we left

The Resort

K la..that's all folk...

Salam sayang,
I am.."W"


sitekateki | dD said...

seksi siot u pakai singlet tu...

cookiequeen said...

So Hapi 2 knw dat u & Am enjoyed urelves

cookiequeen said...

ur adoppted parents....mcm pernah jmpa je !

eren adrian said...

macam cantik aje agrotek tuh...dekat dengan rumah tak tak pernah jejak kaki ke situ..mungkin dalam masa terdekat ini....

syafiq said...

saye nak tanye sikit..
agrotek garden resort ni terletak dekat mane ye?
ade no phone tempat tu x?