Sunday, April 12, 2009

Hang out with my housemate


Last friday, me, am and sham went to catch a movie "Queens of Langkasuka" at GSC One Utama. So we booked the 11.40pm show. We went there earlier coz we want to have dinner together at One Yoshinoya isthe place where we had our dinner together. This is our 1st time outing together at One Utama...usually we will watch a movie at Bukit Raja or Bukit Tinggi coz they located nearby our home..

for Sham this is his 1st time having a dinner at Yoshinoya. I love miso soup so much...the foods also delicious...for me la...The funny part when we want to take our orders are, we will be served by the same lady everytime we come here....Even she also recognise us...hehehehe...As usual i will take a complete meal...While eating, i want to take some pictures la kononnya, but unfortunately the bateri is low...wah tension tul....At first Sham tried to eat using a chopstick but at the end he end up using a spoon..the word that came out from his mouth after eating using the spoon is ' Ermm puas betul..Penuh mulut, sekali suap"..hehhehh... I just laughed and enjoyed the foods

Then three of us just hanged around the mall coz we have another 1hour 40minutes to go before the show...we headed to the game arcade located nearby the n am played the car racing game...mcm biasalah aku menang..hahahaha...finally we finished our tokens by playing the basketball game..Bowling alley is our next pit stop coz we have another 1 hour before the show start. We just watched and not forgotten taking our pictures using Sham's phone...

Before entering the hall, we bought popcorn togther with the drinks and also for me a 1901 chicken hotdog....yummy....we got the back seat and the view so nice...not even half of the seat been occupied...tak kisah la..janji aku tgk citer yg aku nak tgk...I love epic film coz i love looking at their costumes...well the story agak hilang fokus coz there are so much plot in the story but if u like to watch the Puteri Gunung Ledang or others epic movie, so it' s worth to watch the movie lah...the movie finished bout 2am and then we just went off str8 to home...

Salam sayang,
I am .."W"

p/s: pics will be uploaded soon

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