Friday, April 10, 2009

Hang Out @ Mid Valley: Part 2


Yesterday, I went out with my adik angkat Amal again as we promised a day before. Before meeting him at MidValley, me n my biz partner went to USJ to settle some things first..Kerja la apa lagi...While hanged out at the Sunday2Sunday office, Abg Adam Salleh came. He is an editor of Harian Metro's entertaiment desk and he's also one of the script panel for Dimensi Cinta film..I was glad to meet him..dia ni kira otai la dlm bidang i had a talks with. him.we talked bout our industri seni and out of sudden he asked me about the hip hop, shufle n indie stuffs..and i said "Yeah i have an indie friends" we started to talk more on that...coz he was planning to do some review on this matter so i gave him an offer to help him...since I don;t have so much time,so i took his number and we were planning to meet up someday to talk more about this..wah dah macam wartawan lak aku ni...huhuhu..erm leh gak pasni aku offer diri jadi assit dia..hahahahaha...menarik gak kan..tambah cabang aku lagi kewartawanan....yang penting aku dah tangkap pic ngan dia..hehehehe (his the one who asked me to take a picture with him-hwa3 , no lah)

Aku rasa aku salah wat sign tangan tu bukan rock..tapi two make us rock!

After everything settled at the office, we went to Taipan n had a lunch break with Amir...the foods was great...let me recall the name of the restaurant...aaaaaaaaa uuuuuuuuu eeeeeeeee ...toing!..yeah Restoran Ubi Kayu..lebih kurang camtu many people having their lunch there and i say so coz they have to wait to be seated....dah macam Pizza Hut lak...Please wait to be seated..klazzzzzz....Amir belanja....ngah kaya kan..hehehehe

About 2pm we went to Setapak to sent some stuffs yang penuh satu keta kat umah Hadthim...blah blah blah and it almost 3,30pm, so we make a move to MidValley to catch a movie. Arrived there bout 4pm but managed to get a parking after 40munites..WTF....habis minyak jer pusing2....dohhhhhhh @#!$@%^&#*@^@&()^..okay enough maki lil bro texted me saying that he might be late so he asked me to buy the ticket 1st and he gave me the reservation number..thank God we did a tele-reservation coz the Q so like pjg..menci tul...but i little bit bengang la coz aku tunggu bagai Statue of Liberty kat depan kaunter tu lbeih 5minit takde sapa....WTF &^%##@^**^%#@^&*..carut lagi...but the person incharge (who is so racist) really know how to calm me down, he changed our seat to a better tarik balik carut i tadi..leh ker...hwa3

5.30pm we entered the hall and watched "He just not into you"..panjang giler tajuknya weiiii....and the result..i like the movie so much..thumbs up!...For those who in love, in the middle of love crisis, searching for Mr Right, wanna know what love is all about, i do suggest u guys to watch this movie..i'm sure u guys gonna love it...nanti lah aku review..hehehehe..After the movie,we had our dinner at chicken Rice Shop..ayoooo lama giler tak g makan kat sini, more than a year lil bro treat...oh ya he finally got a response from the sale assistant...the sale assistant even gave him a picture thru mms..way to go bro..huhuhuhu

So lapar la dude..ada aku kisah ko nak ambil pic aku..hehehe

Then we went to The Garden, just wandering around, camwhoring. Oh ya did i mention that i love the toilet so was like i'm entering a make up room ..huhuhu..the lighting, the music....lupa bawa cam kalau tak dah pose dlm tandas tu...berak pun tak stress..hwa3...aman katanya....

Me & Amal

Am & Me

Strike a pose dude..uweekk

About 9.30pm we finally went home..Amal went back with Peoz, me n Am went back to Shah Alam....i dont know what is happening to me, i still want to watch a movie so we decided to watch Jangan Tegur at Jusco Bukit Raja...

on our way to Klang, I texted my other housemate Sham asking him either he want to join us or not...

Me : Sham nak join tgk citer Jangan Tegur kat Bukit Raja kul 11.30pm tak?
Sham :" Warning! Sebarang citer hantu jangan diajak"...

Me : Ala bukan seram pun

Sham : Taknak, Bluweekkk (masa baca tu aku senyum coz rasa cam comel jer ayat dia..hehehe)

Me : Okla tapi sok kita tgk citer Langkasuka k
Sham : kalau bukan citer hantu , apa2 pun prob ajer

Me : K

Erm tu la sms kami tapi ada ayat yg aku reka cipta sikit coz lupa..huhuhu..FYI, Sham ni agak penakut sikit tgk citer hantu..ntahla...Upon arriving the Jusco, Am said that Amir wanted to join us..Okay jer...Amir is another kenalan baru masa shooting filem Dimensi Cinta. He is one of Funka Faction group we bought 3 tickets...while waiting for the show, suddenly Am got a sms from Amir asking him to pick Amir up somewhere nearby...The movie started at 11.30pm...half of the hall fulled...end result for me citer tu so-so jer..even thru out the film bebudak pompuan menjerit2...satu benda aku tak suka attitude org Malaysia ni, terutama MElayu, bila tgk citer hantu Melayu, bila scene tekejut diorang menjerit bagai nak mampus pastu gelak kuat tak kimak....korang ni takut atau suka....dont' u guys feel so stupid doin that...agaknya nak cover malu sbb terkejut sbb tu tambah scene gelak sakan..aku memng pissed off...lost my focus k..when u come out watching other language horror movie pandai lak lepas terkejut senyap...sial tak...$Y%@^&@%!&&@ WTF()#@&_!()@

After the movie finished, we went to fetch Amir girl at her house then we went to lepaking at mamak stall...All the Funka Faction members were there..talked, bla bla bla sedar2 dah kul 3.30am...apalgi balik la tak reti katanya....hehehhee

Salam sayang,
I am "W"

p/s : 1.Early that morning, i received a sms from my fren Cham asking me to give his number to the sale assitant..hwa3
2. I miss berwebbie with my friend kat Utara tu...dia dah lupakan kita sbb dia ada new clown..ermmmm
3. Aku carut byk kali ni..hahaahaha

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