Sunday, April 19, 2009



I woke up at 4pm tired..I'd received a call from my adik angkat Nuddin early this morning...biasalah kena bebel bagai..hahaha...after the phone conversation, I continue to sleep and finally end up till 4pm..OMG I slept like a pig..hahahahaa..

I'm so tired I guess..I came back at 4am in the morning after watching a movie at Pavi. The movie Coming Soon started at 12.20am. Actually, yesterday I went to KL with my friend due to kebosanan tahap dewa..So i drove to KL without knowing where the exact place to go. Fikir punya fikir, I finally decided to go to Central Market. I parkd the car at Dayabumi and walked to CM...Nothing much to do and then we went to Annexe Gallery to see an art exhibition.

Then went to PS...tuk meramaikan lagi usual, just wandering around..tak beli apa2 pun...oh ya except for soya drink..hahaahahaha..tu pun nak mention katanya...Bukit Bintang is our next stop..the idea is just pusing2 area Sultan Ismail, Bukit Bintang semua tapi akhirnya we decided to watch Coming Soon at Pavi...we arrived there bout 11pm. This is our 1st time watching a movie at GSC Pavi....ayooooooo ramainya..yela lupa mlm minggukan...The ticket for movie is selling fast and our seat are 2nd row from the screen...huhuhhu..After we bought our tickets, we had our dinner at McD Bukit Bintang since we have another 1hr 20min to spend.

Puas makan semua then we headed back to Pavi..while waiting, i met with Abg Manaf and his friends. About 12.20am, we entered the hall..Yeah it's time to watch Coming Soon..suka banget seh...I really love horror movie...kekekeke....Since our seat are 2nd row from the screen, so i thought it will be like shit but I'm wrong coz the seat was so comfy even you are seated near the don't judge the book but its cover k...

Citer pasal Coming Soon ni..Ya ampun giler best..keseramannya tu terasa i suggested to all of you to watch this guys won't regret..i tell you...this time you can hear man screaming out load k..not only bayangkan keseramannya bila jantan macho pun leh nak jawap...enough talking bout the movie (cam biasa aku wat review nanti), the best part during watching the movie is, bila filem habis so semua org dah bangun la tuk kuar tapi pintu pawagam tak buka for about 2 all of us like makin gjokes to each other like matilah kita semua..kena bunuh..hahaha..coz the end of the movie semua org yg tgk filem tu mati..hahahahaa...sial jer..memng suspen babe..coz usually when we watch a movie in the cinema, 30 sec before the movie end dah ada org buka pintu kuar takde siot...masa tu semua dah cam riso more thing tu last show lak..huhuhuhu..pandai diorang wat suspen....

Enough but that.Otw to kedai mamak, I saw my adik angkat Pyan at the bench in front of the Pavi. So i made a one round turn back to Pavi and stopped in front of him..He was shocked to see me..hehehe...tula nak pose cantik jer kan kat Pavi tu pgi2 buta nie...After a quick chat, I drove to Cheras and lepaking at Hajris Restoran....ayoo ramainya..tak tido ker diorang ni..kata hati ku..hahahaha..tak sedar diri sendiri pun tak tido2 I had roti telur togethr with nescafe ice...about hour late, we went back to Shah Alam and my friend drove the car since I'm so sleepy la all the way back, I was sleeping inside the car...So the next day I woke up at 4pm...pening kepala

Salam sayang,
I am .."W"


din said...

ermmmm bnyk lah dia nie ckp kita membebel yek .. ermm nak kena nie....

NUke_Rude said...

..OMG I slept like a pig.


haha. takleh tahan.

nway jumpa blog kamu kat youthmedia widget. nice blog.

Adie Waridi said...

adik din:
ala betul pun kan...suka bebel..tapi best dgr..ahakz

Adie Waridi said...

hehehe...thanks..berkesan gak youthmedia nie ek..