Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Thanks my Friends!

By the time i'm writing this entry, i'm crying...i never afraid to admit that i'm crying while reading the comments from my blogger friends...coz it's been quite a while i feel that i'm so lonely and alone..no one care/really care about me....(except for that fellow, but it's over now)...i dont wanna regret for the step that i takes...i dont wanna look back anymore except for my mistakes....i dont put a blame on that person, i blame myself for everythings...i'm not that good..but i think i've been cheating on myself for so long....i dont wanna pretend that i'm happy with my condition anymore....but, i will always be there for you (i know that u been reading my blog since my first entry)...coz we have the same dreams, and i will fulfill my promise to you..dont you worry bout that...i know its hurt you so much but end of the day we have to face it that in relationship,there will be the end....but am sure that u will find someone that is much more good for you....coz there will always be a new beginning after an ending...damn i'm still crying....Oh God..help me to face all this..i really hate when this happens but i have too for the sake of us...forgive me for the sins that i've done and thanks for everything u did for me..i honestly do appreciate it from the bottom of my heart....

Thanks my friends!

Salam sayang,


dr.anonymous said...

admitting the fact that happened doesn't mean that we need blame ourselves for everything... same like me... too naive to trust people... but sometimes, we need to give ourselves the chance to be happy kan abg? we deserved it after things that happened... either you or me, the scene might be different but the situation might be the same.. the same hope that i wish for myself...i hope that u'll get over it a.s.a.p and be happy ;)

Adie Waridi said...

thanks...from now on, i just wanna be happy for myself..