Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Almost fainted!


Yesterday (Tuesday), i took a bus directly from Penang to KL...after having a lunch with my lil bro, Amirul (thanks for the lunch) we straight ahead to bus station..i got my ticket and he headed to his office (thanks bro for helping me thru all this)...actually, it's hard for me to make a decission either going back to KL today or not...i was a little bit moody this morning..and its really show on my face..thus creating a worry to my lil bro...He offered me to stay a few days or even a week..i guess he worried about me..but i have to go back to KL and face the reality. furthermore I have work to i;m heading to KL but my heart still at Penang..

thru out the journey, i keep looking at the window....thinking nothing....i'm lost..but my heart still at Penang...and i'm replacing a new one..

At nite i reached KL and all the way to Komuter Station at Kuala Lumpur, i almost fainted..i guess, i'm too body mind all over the place....but thanks to my friend for picked me up and sent me back to Shah Alam...erm...i'm still weak....God help me!


p/s: sorry for the broken English..i'm in the learning stage.


akiss said...

kuat ye adie. hummm.

Duke Luce Dell'amore said...

hati2..jg kesihatan...
ingat,stiap msalah ade penyelesaiannya..tenangkn pikiran dulu,pastu bru pikir the solution k??

Adie Waridi said...

ok jim..i will..tq

Adie Waridi said...

tq ya..adie akan kuatkan semangat adie

dr.anonymous said...

bestnya dia ad adik yg memahami...kes3... liv eto the fullest bro! ahaks!

Adie Waridi said...

yup thanks god ada dia...sbb tu bro syg dia