Thursday, November 20, 2008

Working on my artist to be web (waridi. h THE ARTIST)

Dear beloved readers,

All this week, i'm spending my time on n night. Now i'm working on my artist to be website..since i don't know how to design a website using FLASH, i try to search for alternative way to create my own website that have the same application as fLASH without using any html code...

So, i browse all the alternative thru the net and there is one web that catch my's called not only offer free flash web template but also the easy way to create and design our own web using drag & drop for me who is really not so good in using flash application this is the best way and so thay have all the manual how to started creating ur stunning website...its not only for creating a website but they also useful for most of social network website such as myspace, blogspot, etc...once u have done with ur design, u can easily publish it.

So i give a try and here is my turn out..100% satisfaction

The front page

My gallery

Biography section

Contact section

So my artist-to-be website is now on the view it u can just click at the url below


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