Sunday, November 9, 2008

Chit chat dengan Gary 8TV

This is Gary, if u guys don't have an idea who he his

Dear readers,

Malam semalam, masa tgh makan, hmate aku Am dapat panggilan daripada Gary (TV host 8TV - e-news). Gary ajak tuk member aku ni ajak la aku sekali we meet up him at Shah Alam Walk...when we met him, we decided to lepaking at Pine 38, Section 9..

This is my first time seeing him in person..Honestly I don't know much bout him, but i knnew that he's a host at 8TV...his been hosting 8TV e-news..i did saw his show even though i don't have any idea what he was talking about (chinese language maaaa)..hehehehe..but i keep watching it...hwa3..

Personally, i do think he is a friendly and nice person/artiste...when we talk, yeah he is nice...of course my friend and him talked much than i do coz they both used to work together during back day...there a time i try to squeeze in into their conversation...hahaha try to get the usual, i'm too shy to open my mouth although i have a lot of things to ask Gary..but then, i just keep my mouth shut...hwa3

It's been quite a while i dont talk with an artiste..last time i remembered talking to Maya Karin during my time working as freelance fashion stylist at Channel [V]...erm she so beautiful...So back to Gary...i can see him as a humble person...anyway nice meeting u Gary...

Adie Waridi

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Tommy Alanzo said...

owh dia ni memang byk mulut n murah senyuman kan?