Monday, February 7, 2011



Now my blog have 149 followers. TQ to all of the number 149 goes to a guy name TIMMY ISKANDAR...Adie know him about a year ago. And everyday after class, he always lepaking at my place. (macam dah takde rumah sendiri..hehehe).Timmy is a funny and outspoken person...He starts blogging about few days ago with a tagline TIMMY BILA NOTTY About my life with my friends

So far the blog has only bout 4 entries(hoping there will be more). his blog more on his life, his interest, daily activities...All i wanna say, keep on blogging..never give up, write what ever u likes...So here the header for his blog

Header ngan pose ala2 model katanya..hehehe

So here are the owner of TIMMY BILA NOTTY blog, TIMMY ISKANDAR...u guys/glas can also add him on FB using the same name TIMMY ISKANDAR

That's all for now...till we meet again on the next number...150..who the lucky person..we will see on the next entry...before that TQ to TIMMY ISKANDAR for following my blog...

Salam sayang,

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timmy iskandar said...

kelazzzzzzzzzzzzzz... walaupun sentap sikit... ahakz